Lespwa Haiti – A Work In Progress

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Lespwa fe viv – Hope for Life
Lespwa Haiti Website (www.lespwahaiti.com)

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In the wake of the January 12th earthquake, the island nation of Haiti was left in ruins.  The country’s capital, Port-Au- Prince, crumbled, killing more then 250,000 people while leaving 1.5 million homeless and more than 300,000 orphans…a figure that is rising every day.  While the world and media came to the aid of the Haitian people, they have long since moved on to other stories and events, following suit with the typical “attention span” of the world wide news media.

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This is where Lespwa Haiti (Hope for Haiti) – A Work In Progress steps in.  Founded by Ray Tollison, Mellisa Basta and myself and sponsored by F-Stop Gear, Lespwa Haiti is a five year photo documentary project whose aim is to keep the focus on the ongoing struggles of the Haitian people and the NGO’s that truly are making a difference.  On June 3rd, 2024, the three of us will fly to Haiti and document a variety of stories about the people, organizations and events that are working to help build back a better Haiti.

What separates this project from most, is that every year, we will lead one or two trips down to Haiti to follow up on the stories that cross our paths on this initial visit, effectively allowing the world to see how things are progressing first hand.  This project is also unique in the sense that everyone will be able to follow us during our trip, view a live GPS feed that we are currently setting up.

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Please visit the Lespwa Haiti website, HERE, to find more information about the project.  We are also asking for donations to help make this project a reality.  No donation is too small, but if you donate over $50, you will receive a free 10×15 print of your choice out of the photography work that we capture during this project.  You can click HERE to donate to this cause.

There will plenty of more information released in the following days, however In the mean time you can become a fan of the Lespwa Haiti Facebook Page to show your support.

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