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9 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

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9 reasons to visit Sri Lanka in 30 pictures from Lasith Lansakara of Discovering Serendipity

1. Where the Elephants Roam

Sadly not as much anymore.  Over hunting during the British colonial period has left the Sri Lankan Asian Elephant endangered.  Recent conservation efforts attempt to rebuild the local elephant population and visitors have several opportunities to see and interact with these majestic animals.

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Photo of the Day: Filming a Beach Sunset

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Beach Sunset Guatemala

Filming a Sunset on Guatemala's Black Sand Monterrico Beach

Photo of the Day: Canoa Beach Ecuador

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Canoa Beach on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast is the most underrated beach in Ecuador to Aracely and I. The wide flat sand beach stretches for miles with cliffs in the distance. Huts on the sand provide alcohol and music, while hostels on the street give backpackers a place to sleep and hang. Don’t miss this one!

Best Beaches in Ecuador

Canoa Beach on Ecuador's Pacific Coast

Photo of the Day: Gamez Islands in Panama’s Pacific Coast

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The Gulf of Chiriquí is a part of Panama that encompasses Coiba National Park and Golfo de Chiriquí National Park.  There are dozens of islands in this Gulf.  We visited Gamez Island for a day in our own personal paradise of snorkeling, climbing and swimming.

Gulf of Chiriquí National Park Tours

Gamez Island in Gulf of Chiriquí National Park, Panama

Photo of the Day: Kuna Tribe Huts on San Blas Island

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During our sailing trip from Panama to Colombia, we spent 2 days exploring the San Blas islands in Panama’s Caribbean. The indigenous Kuna tribe inhabits the islands. Amazingly, they build huts such as these on the tiniest of islands. They navigate between each island in dugout canoes.

Panama Indigenous Caribbean

A Tiny San Blas Island Covered in Kuna Tribe Huts

Photo of the Day: Sailboat In San Blas Islands

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This was one of the boats near us during our visit to the island of Chichime in San Blas Islands, Panama during our sail trip from Panama to Colombia

Sailing in Panama

Sailboat In San Blas Islands Panama

Photo of the Day: Magnificent Rock At Tayrona Park Colombia

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We just can’t stop talking about Tayrona Park in Colombia.  This is another photo that shows you why.  There were many other amazing looking rocks just like this one all around the beach.  If you ever find yourself in Colombia, be sure to visit Tayrona National ParkWhy travel to Colombia?

Colombia Beaches

Magnificent Looking Rock At Tayrona Park, Colombia