10 Things to Love About India

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Is India the most colourful, mad, exciting country in the world?  Probably.  Alastair Humphreys shares India with us through his lens.

Here are ten things I love about India.

1. Surprised, Confused or Amused

There’s never a dull moment in India. Wherever you look, at all times of day or night, you will see something that surprises you, confuses you, or amuses you.
Urine pass is prohibited at this place

Piles clinic

Helpful signpost at Shivanasamudra Falls

2. Tea

If there is anywhere on Earth that is more obsessed with tea drinking than us English, then it is India.  A hot glass of sweet, milky tea at a roadside stall is a lovely way to pause, relax, and chat.

Tea cups

Preparing the drinks

Tea break

3. Colour

India is a photographer’s dream.  The spices, the dyes, and the beautiful saris mean that you’ll definitely need to take more memory cards than you anticipated needing.
Dyes for sale


Colourful dyes


4. Kids

The children in India were not only cute and full of fun and smiles, they were also so polite and charming (unlike British kids!).  They also love having their pictures taken.
Indian child

Indian boy

fun Muslim boys

Muslim girls

Boy and posters

Sugar making boy

shy flower girl

Boy and puppy

5. Food

The variety and deliciousness of India’s street food is wonderful, and a definite highlight of travelling in the country.
Street food

Mango lady

South Indian breakfast

Eating watermelon

6. Cricket

Being from England means that in almost every country on Earth I find myself chatting regularly about our holy trinity of David Beckham, Princess Diana, and the Beatles.  But not in India. In India it is all about the cricket. I got roped into playing quite a few times as well.
Cricket ball


7. Religion

The variety, colour and devotion involved in India’s kaleidoscope of religions is mesmerising.
Little girl at a roadside temple

Namdroling Monastery

Morning lessons

Red God

Indian festival

Indian god

Walking man

Early morning at a temple

8. Trains

Train journeys in India are brilliant. Cheap, reliable, regular and a great way to see the country, meet people, and eat a lot of samosas!
Indian rail travel

Indian train passengers

Indian rail travel

9. Cows

Any country that has cows wandering around the streets scores highly in my book!
Cow in Street (Part 7 of many)

Holy Cow (I love your eyes?)

10. Mix of Old and New

In India, on a daily basis, you see what life must have been like hundred of years ago. Some things remain totally unchanged.  And yet you also get a glimpse of the future, the exciting potential of a fast-developing superpower.


Basket case

Hello my friend, what is your mobile number?

Coracles at dawn on the Kaveri

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Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer, Author and Blogger. He spent over 4 years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and 5 continents. More recently Alastair has walked across southern India, run 6 marathons through the Sahara desert, completed a crossing of Iceland, and participated in an expedition in the Arctic, close to the magnetic North Pole. He is currently training for a return journey to the South Pole. Visit my website

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  1. Angela says:

    What a gorgeous photo essay. I’ve just come back from India and I miss each and every point you make it this post.

  2. Clayton says:

    Fantastic collection of pictures! Really enjoyed this. Made the perfect mid morning/mid week break from work :) Thanks. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

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