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TwoBackpackers.com documents the experiences of Jason Castellani and Aracely Santos as they travel the world in a journey of discovery. This is not the typical gap year of backpacking after a recent college graduation. This is the journey of a couple that finished college years ago and have since spent most of their time and efforts becoming successful corporate professionals. However, for them, a successful career is only a small part of their personal satisfaction; it does not define them as individuals. Jason and Aracely both find greater joy being outdoors, learning about the world, and lending a helping hand. They embark on this journey to follow their true passion and learn from the world.

The success of TwoBackpackers.com will be measured by the people they are able to impact and motivate. They both encourage you to pursue your passions whatever they may be! If it’s backpacking, great! Send them a message and make plans to meet up during their travels. If, rather, your passion is to pursue a different career or hobby, start a business, or do something adventurous, whatever your internal calling is, they challenge you to answer it. Better yet, live it! Equally important to them is their desire to increase cultural, social, and economic awareness, providing a more realistic global perspective. But don’t just follow their journey, instead become motivated to take risks, value your time, pursue culturally enriching experiences, lend a helping hand, and live the life that you truly desire to live.

Our mission is to backpack in foreign lands in an effort to discover and validate our passions, step outside of our comfort zone, and grow as individuals. The original plan was to begin in Central America, trek through South America and eventually head to Southeast Asia. However, we realized that we prefer to travel slow and have decided to postpone Southeast Asia for the time being. We do plan to get there on day. Our hope during our travels is to learn about the history and culture of the people we meet and places we visit, make new friends, share exciting experiences, and give back in any way we can.

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