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Hiking Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) in Colombia

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Santa Marta Tours

Main Terraces of Ciudad Perdida

Within one month of my decision to move to Cali, Colombia, I knew I wanted to hike to Ciudad Perdida.  I found a friend who wanted to do the 5 night, 6 day jungle trek with me, we planned a trip for January 2022, and I started looking for flights to the nearby city of Santa Marta.

After she arrived to Cali, we prepared to leave for Santa Marta.  We packed our backpacks full of “just the essentials”.  Then we took a lap around my apartment.  Suddenly, I didn’t feel so confident in our survival skills for 6 days – honestly I questioned our ability to make it through day one with these backpacks on our shoulders.

However, we did make it, and emerged with a stunningly unique and memorable experience that I will never forget.  Yes, 6 days is a big commitment for the consistently on-the-move traveler, but this is one experience you cannot afford to miss. (more…)

Beaches of Tayrona National Park, Colombia

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Camping in Tayrona Park

El Cabo Beach in Tayrona National Park (Hammock Hut)

Due to decades of civil conflict Colombia escaped most travel maps.  Today, however Colombia is beginning to shine; backpackers and vacationers are heading to this diverse country and loving every bit of it.  Colombia offers its visitors colonial and modern cities, outdoor adventures, coffee plantation tours, and pristine beaches.  Among Colombia’s must see natural landscapes is Tayrona National Park located on the Caribbean coast, an hour from Santa Marta and 5 hours from Cartagena. (more…)

Discover Cartagena, Colombia

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First View of Cartagena, Colombia

After two long days of sailing the open seas Cartagena’s skyline slowly revealed itself to us as we approached its harbor.  It appeared majestic, especially for those of us (me) who spent 48 hours in bed fighting sea sickness.  Land!  And a beautiful land it was.

Cartagena is a city on the northern coast of Colombia and it’s the fifth largest urban area in the country.  Today the city is a center of economic activity in the Caribbean region and a popular tourist destination.  There are different sectors that make up the city each having its own charm. (more…)

Why Travel to Colombia?

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Early Morning Cartagena Skyline

We are all aware that Colombia has a reputation of being a dangerous country. The country has been battered by drug cartels, guerrilla wars and public kidnappings i.e. Ingrid Betancur.

After spending 20 days traveling in Colombia, we now consider it one of our favorite Latin American countries. The country of Colombia has much to offer its foreign and national tourists. (more…)

Mud Bath in Volcano Totumo, Colombia

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Scott, Aracely & Jason at the Mud Volcano of Totumo

Just an hour outside of Cartagena, Colombia you can visit Volcano Totumo and experience a volcanic mud bath.

We booked our tour through our hostal, Casa Viena.  The cost was $20 USD and it included transportation to the volcano, entrance fee, and a snack. When we arrived, our van pulled up next to a hill about 50 feet tall (15M).  We were all eager to have some fun in the mud! (more…)

Colombia Riot Police Tear-Gas Protesters - Short Clip 2

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It’s common to witness a protest in Latin America, especially Colombia as seen on this HD Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of In Short Clip 2, we capture riot police shooting tear gas at bus operators and owners in the city of Cali. Enjoy the show! (more…)

Discover Salento, Colombia

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Wax Palms of Valle de Cocora

Wax Palms of Valle de Cocora

Located in the heart of the Colombian coffee region and tucked between Pereira and Armenia rests Salento, a small and pleasant town which offers visitors a warm relaxing setting.  If you’re making your way south to Cali from Medellin or Bogota, or traveling north on the reverse route, Salento is an ideal place to take a break from the bustling cities of Colombia.  Relax in town, or venture out to Valle de Cocora for some outdoor trekking adventure where you will see the largest palm trees in the world. (more…)