Monterrico Beach Guatemala - Episode 10

Monterrico Beach is mostly known for its black volcanic sand, sea turtle breeding program and boat rides through the mangroves.   The sand is unique in color, but too hot to walk on during the day without sandals.  Monterrico had other surprises for us such as a turtle release that involved over 100 baby sea turtles and a stunning sunset over the ocean.

Torres del Paine Sunrise - Short Clip 3

The three towers stand as the icon of Patagonia Chile and attract tourists from all over the world.  Some come to earn the right to watch the sunrise over the towers by trekking the complete Torres del Paine Circuit. Depending on the weather the Circuit trek can be an exhausting and painfully cold and windy hike. However, there is something for every different type of traveler, so don’t shy away.

Guatemala’s Independence Day - Episode 9

During our visit to Antigua Guatemala, we were fortunate enough to experience the celebration of Guatemala’s independence from Spain on September 15th.  For weeks leading up to Independence Day, we were woken up by bands practicing from all the schools in town.  For schools it’s a time to shine and show their school’s spirit by being awarded the best band.

Backpackers & Tattoos - Episode 8

It’s stereotypical of backpackers to get tattoos while on their journey away from home.  Jason fulfilled that stereotype, but he had wanted his tattoo of a burning sun for the last 3 years.  We both took the advice from those working at Base Camp Hostel and visited Mike, owner of Tatuaje Antigua (Antigua Tattoo) in Guatemala.

A Traveler’s Hospital Stay - Episode 7

Aracely started feeling ill with a fever while we were visiting Rio Dulce, Guatemala.  Rio Dulce is not the most developed city, so she tried to wait out her illness, hoping it was a short-term bug.  After 4 days of sweating and exhaustion, we decided to pack our backpacks and head to Antigua, Guatemala.  Antigua is the main stay for tourists traveling into Guatemala and we felt confident we would find a good place hospital.

Colombia Police Tear-Gas Protesters - Short Clip 2

While walking the streets of Cali, Colombia, Aracely and Jason of noticed significant traffic jams through the city. We discovered that bus operators were protesting by blocking the major 4 lane road through the city. Out of curiosity and the opportunity to capture some great video we joined the crowd. Soon we were running through a park filled with tear gas.

Volcano Pacaya - Episode 6

Volcano Pacaya is one of the most active volcanoes in Latin America. Pacaya is located near Antigua, Guatemala, a popular tourist town west of Guatemala City. We chose to camp overnight on the volcano with O.X. Outdoor Excursions. Don’t miss the flowing lava of Pacaya or the beautiful sunrise behind surrounding volcanoes.

Central America Chicken Buses - Short Clip 1

A video short clip and photos of American school buses used as the primary source of local transportation in Central America.  Experience the kaleidoscope of colors and creative modifications of “Chicken Buses.”  Depending on what kind of traveler you are, you either avoid them or take advantage of them whenever possible.

Finca El Paraiso - Episode 5

Finca El Paraiso is a hot spring fed waterfall that falls into a cool river.  It’s a popular spot for locals to picnic and you will see how dependent the indigenous are on the river.  You can visit the falls by taking a 45 minute bus ride from the town of Rio Dulce, a popular moorage spot for people sailing in the Caribbean.

Tikal National Park - Episode 4

National Park in Northern Guatemala is the largest excavated archaeological city from the Maya civilization and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We climbed temples that rose over 70 meters and unexpectedly found ourselves face to face with monkeys and other rain forest wildlife.

Semuc Champey - Episode 3

Guatemala continues to surprise us!  We venture to the town of Lanquín to hitch a pickup truck down to the tropical humid forest where natural wonder Semuc Champey is hidden.  Naturally occurring turquoise cascading pools are supported by a 300m limestone bridge, under which the Cahabón River flows.

Climbing Volcano San Pedro - Episode 2

Our first destination was Guatemala.  We originally planned to spend 2 weeks in Antigua taking Spanish lessons, but that quickly changed when we met Andy & Paulina from London. We decided to spend the next 10 days traveling with them. Only 3 days after beginning our trip we climbed Volcano San Pedro at Lake Atitlan.

Leaving Hoboken - Episode 1

Aracely and Jason capture their last few days in the United States before departing on their year long round the world trip. Hoboken, New Jersey is a vibrant town just on the other side of the Hudson River across from Manhattan. Both enjoyed sharing all that Hoboken has to offer with their friends for the past 3 years.

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