Guest Posts

Why Guest Post on

Guest posts offer an opportunity to reach a new audience or build a portfolio of work as a freelance writer. is your platform for travel related writing, photo essays or even some HD Video clips to draw attention to your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

What Type of Posts are We Looking For?

We like all types of posts on  Single photos, photo essays, video clips and of course travel writing.  Write about a destination, a how-to article or something that impacted you emotionally.  It is important that you submit your best work, considering it’s an opportunity to expose your work to a new audience for the first time.  Remember, first impressions are lasting ones.

Do I Get Credit?

Yes, you get credit for your work.  Your name will appear as the author of the post in the top and bottom of the post body.  At the bottom of the post appears an author bio box where we highlight you by including your name, Gravatar and a short bio.  In addition we link to your website, Facebook page and Twitter profile.  The author bio box is the only location a backlink to your website will appear.

Guest Post Policies

  1. Material must be new, no previously published content
  2. At no point can this content be used on your own website or any other website, unless first removed from our site
  3. You own the rights to the content and may have the content removed from our website at anytime
  4. No backlinks allowed within the post content
  5. A minimum of 2 photos must be provided with the content
  6. You must host all you photos and provide us the links only
  7. If you source images, I need the Flickr link so that I can see that it’s creative commons and link to the creator (545 pixel width max)
  8. You have the option to provide us specific “Title” and Alt tags for you photos if you choose.
  9. If you want certain headings bold, list formats or any other special formatting, please indicate
  10. You are responsible for the promotion of your content, we will conduct our normal new post promotion
  11. Provide your Gravatar email, website, Twitter profile, Facebook page and a short bio with your preferred nickname
  12. Write your best stuff, not the stuff you don’t want on your blog

Changes to the Post

We do reserve the right to make editing changes to your post, however they will remain minor.  These include changing the title of the post, moving pictures around, adding links, adding keywords and adding or moving headings.

Submitting Guest Post

Send your best guest post ideas to jason(at) and  I will try to reply within a week.

We will consider regular guest posts from authors that we approve and are willing to take ownership of their posting process on