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Belize Adventure Travel Destination

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Belize Pictures

Sunbathing on Caye Caulker's Split

Despite bordering major countries on the backpacking trail (Mexico in the north, Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the south) many travelers skip Belize all together because of the much higher costs involved in a trip here.  With some clever planning, however, Belize is a perfect spot for water sports enthusiasts and adventure junkies alike, and can be enjoyed without going too much over a tight budget. (more…)

10 Weird Things From Latin America

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One of my favorite things about traveling is being humored by things that seem strange or awkward to me.  We’ve traveled extensively through Central and South America and noticed many different customs, products and behaviors that don’t exist in the United States.  Each individual country does have distinct cultural norms when compared to their neighbors, however, we were still able to observe some common weird things across them all.

Throw Toilet Paper in Waste Bin

No Toilet Paper in the Toilet (more…)

Is Guatemala Safe?

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Is Panajachel safe?

Walking the Streets of Panajachel

I was asked if Guatemala is safe by another traveler while hanging out in a hostel in Argentina.  And let’s be honest, Guatemala is much less developed than Argentina, so it’s a legitimate question.  It’s not the first time we have been asked about traveling in Guatemala, although the questions did usually come up when we were in South America.  You don’t get asked such a question in Central America, mostly because all those countries are relatively the same in terms of safety and infrastructure less Costa Rica.

This is a very difficult question to answer, not because I think Guatemala is unsafe, but rather because the answer is an opinion.  When speaking about travel safety, you want to hear facts or concrete evidence to squabble your fears.  The only evidence I have is that Aracely and I traveled most of Guatemala for over a month and were never knowingly in danger.  I am not asking you to make a judgement on the safety of traveling in Guatemala based on our experience alone, however all I can share is our experience. (more…)

Monterrico Beach Guatemala - Episode 10

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Enjoy Monterrico Beach in Guatemala through an HD Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of In Episode 10, we show you black volcanic beach sand, rough waves, baby turtles being released into the sea and a beautiful beach sunset. Enjoy the show! (more…)

Vote for Bloggers Choice Awards 2021

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My site was nominated for Best Video Blog!Our first article in an effort to support our goals of making traveling and blogging sustainable for us.  We have enjoyed sharing our stories, photographs and tips with you so much that we want to continue visiting different places around the world in an effort to motivate others sitting on the fence or bring the world closer to those that are unable to travel.  In order to accomplish this goal, we need to promote our blog as often as possible.  And that means winning cheesy web awards.

VOTE NOW (more…)

Guatemala Independence Day - Episode 9

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Enjoy the Guatemala’s Independence Day as celebrated in Antigua, Guatemala through an HD Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of In Episode 9, we show you the school spirit as bands from all the local schools march all over town culminating in a competition in the town plaza. Enjoy the show! (more…)

KanBa River Caves of Guatemala

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Guatemala Caves

KanBa Caves courtesy of

Like our visit to Semuc Champey, we had no idea what we were getting into prior to leaving for our tour.  This point is echoed throughout most of our Guatemalan journeys.  The KanBa Caves are only a short walk from the metal bridge that spans Cahabón River. (more…)