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Discover Quito Ecuador

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Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and stands 2,800 m (9,186 ft) above sea level, making Quito the second-highest capital city in the world behind La Paz in Bolivia.  Its official, less popular name is San Francisco de Quito.

Grand Plaza

Quito, Ecuador

Quito is most often visited for it’s proximity to the celebrated middle of the world, equator line (La Mitad del Mundo).  In addition, Quito’s old city (Centro Histórico), also boasts the most exquisite Spanish colonial architecture that attracts photographers from around the world.  Cathedrals dot the landscape and the Andes mountains wrap the city valley.  Looking off into the distance at the 45 m (148 ft) tall aluminum monument of a madonna that stands overlooking the city from a hilltop, I felt I was in a special place. (more…)

Otavalo Market In Ecuador

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The Otavalo Market is one of South America’s most grandest and famous markets.  The best day to experience the market is on Saturdays.  From Quito, it’s a 2 hour bus ride to the city of Otavalo.  Passengers will start to get off the bus at several stops after you enter town, but be patient and you will arrive at the bus terminal.

Within five minutes of walking the vendor lined streets,  Otavalo made my top 5 most interesting places I visited in South America.  The energy felt while browsing the endless market is uplifting and fun.  It evokes curiosity and an uncontrollable desire to shop once immersed in the chaos.

We have chosen pictures that best provide an idea of what the Otavalo Market is all about.  To be fair, I feel as though this is one of those cases where you really need to experience the market to know what it’s truly like.

Ecaudor Plazas

Plaza Simon Bolivar in Otavalo


Discover Chone Ecuador My Hometown

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As I stare out the window of the bus, I watch a world passing by.  It is moving quickly through my window and it’s incredibly different from my world today.  Every time I visit my hometown of Chone, located in the province of Manabi in coastal Ecuador, I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like had I never left.  Where would I be?  Who would I be?  I can only wonder.

Here are few pictures to show what my hometown of Chone is all about:

Ecuador Transportation

Local Transportation In Chone, Ecuador


The Impact Of Travel And Blogging

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Monuments in Paris

Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph) in Paris, France

Ever since I can remember I have absolutely loved the idea of travel.  When I was in college I pursued a study abroad program in France and I was hooked on travel for life.  I knew then that I would do much more of it in the near future and beyond.  Nothing feels more rewarding and educational to me than experiencing a new place, language, people, food and everything that comes along with it.  My passion for travel made me want to evoke wanderlust onto others.

Travel Blogger Meet Up

The last few weeks we’ve been spending time with a few other traveler bloggers just like us.  These are people who are also traveling and sharing their experiences on-line for the world to see.  By writing, taking photos and sharing videos, we are all naturally encouraging others to travel to the places we have been or places they have always dreamed of.  The point is, the message we all have for others is to get out there and travel.

During our time together we’ve been sharing travel stories, favorite and worst places visited, itineraries and opinions.  After a few days full of conversation, I began to notice a few patterns surrounding what we were all discussing. (more…)

More to Ecuador than Galapagos Islands

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Snow Capped Volcanoes of Ecuador

The Road from Riobamba to Isinlivi

Whenever someone finds out I am from Ecuador their next question is usually, “Have you been to the Galapagos Islands?”  Unfortunately, I have not… yet.  But like most people, it is definitely on my list of top travel destinations.  My thought after answering that question is usually, “There is much more to Ecuador than the Galapagos Islands.”  I was fortunate enough to find that out for myself after spending a month traveling through my country back in January.  From what I’ve gathered, most visitors to the islands skip over Ecuador’s mainland completely or see very little of it, and in my opinion miss out on so much. (more…)