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Visiting Lost City of Petra on a Budget

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Pictures of Jordan

The Lost City of Petra

I’ve always found traveling through the Middle East on a budget an easy feat.  With many of the sites having free entry, easily accessible through public transport and providing cheap food options, it’s a backpackers dream.

I always found this until I decided to go to Petra in JordanJordan is a vast country that is rich in beauty.  Petra, its most famous site, is known for its appearances in films and its deserted ambiance.  I’m sure when it was first re-discovered in 1812 by Swiss Explorer Johannes Burkhardt there was no entry fee charge.  Now however, things have changed.  Although it can get a bit pricey, I can’t overemphasize how worthwhile a visit is. (more…)

3 Cheap Ways to Backpack Across Israel

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Miriam Berger in Southern Israel

If you are looking for an inexpensive but satisfying backpacking adventure, you should look no further than the land of milk and honey.  Israel is a backpackers dream.  Not only is there so much to see without having to travel a far distance, you can do it quite cheaply in ways unique to this glorious country.

Throughout the course of my life, Israel has been a place I’ve come back to a number of times.  The saying, “when there’s a will there’s a way” can actually be realized here.  It always amazes me that such a small country, one that you can drive across in less than 12 hours, attracts so many visitors all year round.

For backpackers, Israel offers many ways to see the sites and experience the environment.  You can always stay in one of Israel’s amazing hostels, donate your time or do something unique to Israel by volunteering on a kibbutz.  The options truly are endless. (more…)