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Paris on the Cheap

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Paris Pictures

Paris by Milena Mihaylova, on Flickr

Ah Paris, the city of lights… the city of love… the city of backpackers?  This nickname might not have caught on yet, but Paris has a lot to offer the 18-25 set with a pack on their back.  Keep reading for some reasons why Paris is great destination for young adults and some tips on how to keep it cheap in this expensive city.

Choosing Accommodation & Location

When looking for accommodation in any city, I think location is the most important thing.  Staying farther away from the city centre usually means a smaller bill but more time on the metro and less going on in your area.  Luckily, in Paris the cheaper options are still in the centre of the action. (more…)

Neolithic Presence in Jersey, Channel Islands

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Jersey (Channel Islands) is a small island off the coast of Normandy in the English Channel.  It has been inhabited since prehistoric times.  Nowadays, one can see traces of those first dwellers almost anywhere.  One of the things I loved doing the most during my time there was to put on my walking boots, grab a map and explore the island in search of ancient monuments.  Let me share my discoveries with you.


Channel Islands Guernsey