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Photo of the Day: The Neon Museum Las Vegas

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las vegas holidays

An Old Ornate Golden Nugget Sign from 'The Neon Museum Las Vegas Boneyard'


Photo of the Day: Elderly Woman, El Salvador

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pictures of old people

Elderly Woman Resting in the Square of Juayua, El Salvador


Photo of the Day: Marching Band in Juayua, El Salvador

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School Marching Band Competition in Juayua, El Salvador

Bands are used to celebrate throughout all of Latin America. Nearly every type of celebration whether it be religious, patriotic or otherwise incorporates marching bands with colorful costumes and loud synchronized music. The bands include people of all ages and gender. Typically, even during celebrations, the bands compete for trophies and respect.

Photo of the Day: Church at Parinacota Chile

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Northern Chile

The Church at Parinacota in Northern Chile, Tarapacá Region

This photo was taken during our 3-day 4×4 road trip through Northern Chile’s Altiplano.

“The church was built in the 17th century in the form of a central nave with two side chapels. The walls are made of stone and clay and are supported by exterior arches of stones without mortar. The floor is made of bricks with a central band of stones. Originally there was no choir. A choir without railing was built later on whereas one of the most interesting frescoes of the area, the “Last Judgment” was destroyed. The atrium is surrounded by a clay wall on which are situated several figures made of red stone: A bishop, lilies, phalli and others. The square tower was rebuilt in 1789 and painted with white lime.

Noteworthy are the frescoes in the interior which were painted in water colors by Indians in the Andean baroque of the 17th century. The “Last Judgment” suggests that only women were condemned. The archangel St. Michael weighs a nude woman on a scale and there are trails to get to the purgatory, over clouds to heaven as well as stairs to the mouth of a dragon which leads to hell, where there are several torture instruments. The condemned women walk or are dragged by the hair or are ridden by demons. One of them leads the helpers of evil with a broad smile, not knowing what is expecting her.” - Wikipedia

Photo of the Day: Crazy Bus Picture in Ecuador

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Crazy Bus Pictures

Riding on top of a bus in Ecuador, near the coast

Photo of the Day: Filming a Beach Sunset

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Beach Sunset Guatemala

Filming a Sunset on Guatemala's Black Sand Monterrico Beach

Photo of the Day: Bus Ferry Across Tiquina Straits

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Bolivia Border Crossings

Bus Ferry Across Tiquina Straits in Bolivia

We were leaving Peru and crossing the border into Bolivia to arrive at the beach town of Copacabana. During our border crossing drive, we arrived at the Straits of Tiquina. The bus dropped us all off at the waters edge and we quickly discovered what was about to happen based on other floating buses and cars in the distance. The buses drove onto these fragile bare-bone barges, thankfully without us, and they were towed across the lake using very small outboard motors. It was a constant operation that seemed to work rather efficiently, as long as buses weren’t sinking.