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Hiking Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) in Colombia

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Santa Marta Tours

Main Terraces of Ciudad Perdida

Within one month of my decision to move to Cali, Colombia, I knew I wanted to hike to Ciudad Perdida.  I found a friend who wanted to do the 5 night, 6 day jungle trek with me, we planned a trip for January 2024, and I started looking for flights to the nearby city of Santa Marta.

After she arrived to Cali, we prepared to leave for Santa Marta.  We packed our backpacks full of “just the essentials”.  Then we took a lap around my apartment.  Suddenly, I didn’t feel so confident in our survival skills for 6 days – honestly I questioned our ability to make it through day one with these backpacks on our shoulders.

However, we did make it, and emerged with a stunningly unique and memorable experience that I will never forget.  Yes, 6 days is a big commitment for the consistently on-the-move traveler, but this is one experience you cannot afford to miss. (more…)

Photo Of The Day: Flower In Cocora Valley Colombia

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We found this flower during our trek in the Cocora Valley near Salento which is the “coffee region” of Colombia.

Exotic Flower

Flower Found During Our Trek In Valley De Cocora In Colombia

Photo of the Day: Magnificent Rock At Tayrona Park Colombia

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We just can’t stop talking about Tayrona Park in Colombia.  This is another photo that shows you why.  There were many other amazing looking rocks just like this one all around the beach.  If you ever find yourself in Colombia, be sure to visit Tayrona National ParkWhy travel to Colombia?

Colombia Beaches

Magnificent Looking Rock At Tayrona Park, Colombia

Photo of the Day: Inviting Beach of Playa Blanca

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Playa Blanca is located off the cost of Cartagena, Colombia.  It has white sand and crystal blue warm waters.   Playa Blanca can be reached by boat or overland.

Colombia Beach

Inviting Beach, Playa Blanca Colombia

Photo of the Day: Floating Ice Cream Cart

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We know you like beautiful scenery pictures but this week we decided to bring you pictures that show more culture of the places we have visited.

This was taken at Playa Grande, Colombia.  This ice cream salesman is so eager to sell his product that he pushed his cart into the water where most of his clients were.  Look at the little girl on the right.  She is determined to get some ice cream!

Floating Ice Cream Cart

Floating Ice Cream Cart in Playa Grande, Colombia

Photo of the Day: Old Fort of Cartagena

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During the seventeenth century, the Spanish paid for prominent European military engineers to build the fortresses which are today Cartagena’s most significant identifying features. Engineering works took well over 208 years and ended with some eleven kilometers of walls surrounding the city, including the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas shown below. In 1984, Cartagena’s colonial walled city and fortress were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Old For of Cartagena

Fortress of San Felipe de Barajas