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Online JournalI had a chance to experiment with the new website and provide a review on 2 Backpackers.

What is it?

Travel Journal / is the latest, most advanced online authoring and publishing platform for travel writing.

What is it for?

Travelers looking to document, share, and search for travel experiences online.

What does it cost?

It’s entirely free and you might even be able to earn some money.   Travel Journal offers the opportunity to participate in Google AdSense revenue sharing under their Professional Travel Writers program.

First Impressions

The domain name is obvious (, the website design is clean and the interface is easy to use and understand.  In a matter of a few minutes, using Facebook to sign up, I had a 2Backpackers profile.  During my testing I wasn’t sure if I would have to make my journal entries up, considering I am sitting in a rented home in Miami right now.  To my pleasure, you could create a journal entry for any trip from any time.

It doesn’t have to be one continuous never ending journal.  You have the ability to create separate journals for different trips.  I find this extremely important, since Aracely and I do take breaks and most likely won’t be keeping a journal between trips.

I entered in some journal entries from late 2024 as part of our “Backpacking Central & South America” journal.  Step 1 was to enter the content for the entry.  Step 2 was determining the location.  I must mention, it scanned my text and gave me a choice of locations.  Step 3 was adding a date and time.  Step 4 was to review the submission and decide on saving it for later or publishing now.

Your journal can be kept personal by selecting private or made public and contribute to the travel knowledge base on  Everyone’s public journal becomes a searchable travel database providing information and tips for locations around the world.  So, don’t just document your journey, prepare and do research for it too!
Online Diaries


Create public or private journals

Add photo entries which display in a nice gallery

Assign a photo cover to each journal

Share your journal on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to a journal’s feed

Search a database of travel journals for travel research

Establish friends and contribute to a travel community

Library of 7 million locations to assign a journal entry to

Improvements We Look For

Faster loading of journal cover images – sometimes the images didn’t load.

Allow positioning of journal cover image – we wanted to move and crop our image.

Personalized urls for profiles

Improved Facebook integration

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