Juayua Food Festival El Salvador – Video Ep. 12

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We had just recently finished our 7 Waterfalls Tour in Juayúa and couldn’t believe there was even more to enjoy in this small town surrounded by coffee plantations. Each weekend Juayúa celebrates with a large food festival centered in the town’s plaza, but extending to many of the side streets. 2 Backpackers indulge in delicious chorizo and tortillas, while searching for the elusive taste of armadillo. Enjoy the show!

Juayúa, El Salvador

Juayúa was clearly our favorite town in El Salvador. It was small and surrounded by jungle, but it had personality. Maybe that’s because crowds spilled out of the bars during the World Cup Soccer matches, or the live bands entertaining us at night or probably just the awesome weekend food festival. Yea, I think that sealed the deal for us.

Chorizo and Longaniza

Chorizo and longaniza

Juayúa Food Festival courtesy of Pedro & Marita

Chorizo and longaniza dominate the outdoor grills, and their taste earns them top billing at the festival. The flavors explode as the soft sausage crumbles in your mouth. As expected in El Salvador, tortillas come with your meals.

Rumor had spread that it was possible to eat armadillo at the festival. We searched long and hard to find the rare meat. I was up for the taste test, but Aracely wasn’t having any. Watch the video to see the outcome.

Beer Gardens & Marching Bands

fotos de el salvador

Juayúa Food Festival courtesy of Pedro & Marita

Beer gardens were loud and full of party goers, while the streets surrounding the plaza where pounding with drums as local school bands marched in competition. The food, bands and drunkenness on the streets was enough to keep you entertained the entire weekend.

Fotos de El Salvador

Marching Bands in Juayúa, El Salvador

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Written by Jason

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8 Responses to “Juayua Food Festival El Salvador – Video Ep. 12”

  1. Glen says:

    Looks like fun… great food!

  2. You guys sure pack a lot into one post. Awesome!
    I’m completely envious of the food festival in the video. I stumbled into the Hiroshima Food Festival near Hiroshima Castle a few years ago… but not in Japan.
    Can’t wait for the next post.

    • Jason says:

      We do put a lot in here, but that’s also because we struggle with the videos spreading well on the Internet. When we throw in text and photos, they always seem to do better. Next video stop is… Alegria, El Salvador. Another small village surprise for us in El Salvador.

  3. Sophie says:

    Bit of a carnivore’s paradise that. El Salvador looks very interesting.

    • Jason says:

      Yes, I think you have to like sausage and other meets to enjoy the food there. Otherwise, it’s all rice and beans, which was also good.

  4. It was a shame we weren’t there at the weekend!!! Every single local we spoke to told us how much fun this food fair is. It’s amazing that this small, sleepy town can transform into this nationally known food fest so often! We miss pupusas!

    • Jason says:

      It was shocking to us. The scope of the festival was incredible. It’s amazing to think that they do this every weekend. Yea, pupusas are awesome!

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