Guatemala Independence Day – Video Ep. 9

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Enjoy the Guatemala’s Independence Day as celebrated in Antigua, Guatemala through an HD Travel Video from 2 backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani.  In Video Episode 9, we show you the school spirit as bands from all the local schools march all over town culminating in a competition in the town plaza.  Enjoy the show!

Independence from Spain

During our visit to Antigua Guatemala, we were fortunate enough to experience the celebration of Guatemala’s independence from Spain on September 15th.  For weeks leading up to Independence Day, we were woken up by bands practicing from all the schools in town.  For schools it’s a time to shine and show their school’s spirit by being awarded the best band.

Celebrations start early and bands begin marching all throughout town strutting their stuff to the cadence of banging drums.  Eventually the marching bands make their way to the center of town and parade around the plaza in front of local judges.  It looked like a dance off with instruments as bands competed to out perform each other.

Guatemala Photos


Young kids run all around town blowing whistles as they carry the torch representing their independence from Spain.  This is a newer tradition that has caught on recently and continues to expand each year.

Several countries from Central America claimed their independence on the same day of September 15, 1821.

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