Hiking With Condortrekkers In Sucre Bolivia

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We joined a 3-day trek with Condortrekkers, a non-profit tour company based out of Sucre, Bolivia.  Our tour included walking on an Inca Trail, visiting the crater town of Maragua and seeing ancient fossilized dinosaur footprints.

On day one we took a microbus from Sucre to a nearby small town where our group of 7 hopped into a “camion,” the only local transportation available to the town of Chataquila where we began our hike.

What is a Camion

Packing in the Camion, Our Local Transportation

Our first leg of the hike involved walking down an ancient Inca Trail.  This was a great workout for the calf muscles as each step required balancing on loose rocks of varying sizes while lugging the weight of our backpacks.  We hiked a total of 7 hours on the first day which included some tough climbing in the dark.

Inca Trails

Walking The Inca Trail in Bolivia

The first half of our second day included visiting the “Devil’s Throat” waterfall and walking through the town of Maragua located in the crater of the same name.  It was a total of 5 hours from our campsite to Ninu Mayu, where we explored the ancient dinosaur footprints.

Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur Footprints

The hike to the dinosaur site was exhausting.  We enjoyed a great fresh lunch and quick siesta before continuing for another 3 hours to our second campsite.

Dinosaur Fossils

Siesta at the Dinosaur Footprints

We arrived just before dark and set up our tents under millions of stars and a full moon.  Our group enjoyed a delicious vegetarian dinner as we got to know each other and rested from the strenuous hike.

Camping in Maragua

Enjoying Dinner, Always Delicious Vegetarian Dinners

The final day involved only a 3-hour hike to what seemed like the most remote bus stop in the world.  It’s probably not even appropriate to call it a bus stop, considering we are riding in camiones.  We road in the camion with the locals for 3.5 hours back to Sucre.  Along the way, we saw many farmers working their land and shepherds herding.

Farmers Working the Fields

Farmers Working the Fields

Condortrekkers also offers 3-day, 2-day and 1-day treks.   For more information on what they offer, check out their website http://www.condortrekkers.org or their fan page by clicking here.

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    Currently volunteering with Condortrekkers. Great work with the webpage. Love your Blog too. Good luck with everything. cheers

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