Photo of the Day: Pedro’s Diner South of the Border

| Taken by Jason | 4 Comments » | North America, Photo of the Day, South Carolina, United States


Pedro's Diner at South of the Border in South Carolina off of I95

The picture captured the retro sense of an American classic diner, but we wouldn’t advise eating there. It’s sort of representative of all of South of the Border. I always have to stop off for a bathroom break, snack or just to stretch, but I am never impressed. However, it reminds me of childhood travels and remains an icon or US road trips for some strange reason.

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Written by Jason

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4 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Pedro’s Diner South of the Border”

  1. Cat says:

    I really like how this photo looks on several levels: composition, colors, perspective. It always pleasantly surprises me when I see something relatively familiar and local to me on someone else’s travel blog. I’m from NC and have passed these landmarks many times but have never stopped. I like how the sombrero in the background doesn’t look as giant in your photo as it does alongside the interstate.

    • Jason says:

      I know exactly what you mean Cat. Whenever we see a place often, or even live in a place, we tend to ignore it. We don’t explore and photograph those places as much. I pass by South of the Border a lot and have no come to realize it’s a great place for retro photography. Maybe not the best place to hang out, but not bad for a quick stop and some cool photos. I went to Elon College (now University) and traveled to Myrtle Beach as a kid with my parents from New Jersey, so I have been there lots of times too, but never really looked at it artistically.

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