What’s Next For Two Backpackers

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Hikers Leaving Hoboken NJ

Our Last Day in Hoboken, NJ

It all began as a casual conversation during lunch in a restaurant in NYC in March of 2024.   Five months later we set off on a year long round the world travel backpacking journey.  Now, we are back home in New Jersey trying to figure out what’s next for Two Backpackers.


What we learned most from our trip was to be flexible.  Flexibility turned our around the world trip into a Latin America backpacking trip.  It turned 1 year into 11 months so we could surprise family.  We discovered Colombia is awesome, El Salvador has some hidden gems such as Alegria and traveling with strangers such as Andy and Paulina from London is lots of fun.

Volcano San Pedro at Lake Atitlan

Andy & Paulina & Us Climbing Volcano San Pedro

We want to continue to live with greater flexibility in our lives.  If great opportunities arise, we want to be able to capitalize on them, especially travel adventures.

Our Travel Blog

TwoBackpackers.com is in it’s infancy stage.  We have thousands of pictures to sift through, and over 50 hours of video to edit.  We will create episodes detailing all our adventures and site seeing that we did during our travels over the past year.  Website traffic has grown faster than we had imagined, encouraging us to continue providing interesting and entertaining content on our travel blog indefinitely.

Central Andes in Ecuador

Jason on Top of the Crater Lake Quilotoa

Traveling Can Be Addictive

When you come home from vacation, you wish you could go back.  It’s the same when backpacking through Latin America.  We want to get back on the road again, but finances will impact how far and how long we can travel in the future.  Our immediate concern is getting a car and making money again.  We are currently living in my parent’s basement.  I know, I am 35 years old, don’t have a job, live in my parents basement and our car died.  There, I said it for you.

Grande Salinas Near Salta

Aracely Sleeping on Salt Flats in Northern Argentina

What’s Next?

Aracely and I are going to focus a lot of energy on the TwoBackpackers.com travel blog and the Two Backpackers brand.  What is our brand you ask?  It’s our ability to be entertaining on video, produce inspiring photos and entertain our Facebook Fans.  If we can succeed at doing that, people will support our bigger ideas such as creating an independent backpacking / travel film, being invited to create PR buzz for a tour or hotel and bringing you closer to the lives of digital nomads.


Right now we are trying to plan our wedding in October in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This is going to keep us busy for the next two months, but stay tuned… literally, there is a lot of great footage from our travels that we are going to be sharing with you.

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Written by Jason

Co-founder of TwoBackpackers.com. Jason has been traveling, writing, taking photos and creating adventure videos since 2024, when he departed on his first year long travel backpacking journey. Jason is a full-time blogger and social marketing guru trying to find the way. Visit my website

15 Responses to “What’s Next For Two Backpackers”

  1. Anthony says:

    We look forward to the next chapter…

  2. T-roy says:

    Guys keep on rocking on! I’m so proud of you guys and this site, i can’t wait to see more videos Jason that i know you can do more now that you are at home and Aracely keep those great photos coming (i’m jealous of a lot of your work you know)!!!!

  3. Welcome home and congrats on the upcoming wedding. Looking forward to reading about your dreams coming true!

  4. Phil says:

    Discovered your site recently and am thrilled to hear you’re going to continue posting content! Be well, Phil

  5. Dave says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’ll remain dedicated to the blog! Who knows, if you’re like me, you might end up on the road again a lot sooner than you imagined.

  6. Taylor says:

    Glad to hear everything went great. Love the site and was just wondering if you could give some advice on why you loved Columbia and where to go for some first timers like us.

    We’re headed there in 5-6 weeks from Costa Rica and would love some advice.

  7. You take great photos. They stand out amongst all other blogs I read!

  8. Sarah says:

    Coming home can be the toughest part of everything. The novelty seems to wear off after only a few days and you’re left wondering when you’ll be able to get your next travel fix. I’m sure you’ve got some amazing adventures ahead of you and I’ve loved sharing your trip so far. You’ve given me loads to think about for my impending trip. Good luck with whatever your next step turns out to be…

  9. Greg says:

    Maybe you two can use the blog to fund future travels. Good luck with that and the wedding and looking forward to seeing/reading about what’s next!

  10. Karina says:

    Hey, we also live in Hoboken. I am in love with your web-site. I think your web-site was recently rated as the best. Please, keep up.

    • Jason says:

      Karina, thanks so much for commenting from Hoboken! Our favorite town. We miss it. We are currently living in the Miami suburbs, not as much fun as Hoboken and NYC, but not so bad either. Especially during the Winter months. Thanks for complimenting us on the site. We are preparing for a full redesign and new videos and hope you guys enjoy it!

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