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Photo of the Day: Crazy Bus Picture in Ecuador

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Crazy Bus Pictures

Riding on top of a bus in Ecuador, near the coast

Photo of the Day: Train Of The Clouds

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This train is a tourist attraction in Northern Argentina. Tren a las Nubes (or Train of the Clouds) takes a very long scenic stroll through the Salta region over bridges, viaducts as high as 4,200 m and the altiplano. The train doesn’t actually go to any specific town, it just takes it’s passengers to the end of the route on La Polvorilla Viaduct where artisan merchants sell their crafts for 30 minutes. Food and tour guides are both provided on the train.

Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina

Tren a las Nubes or Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina

Discover Chone Ecuador My Hometown

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As I stare out the window of the bus, I watch a world passing by.  It is moving quickly through my window and it’s incredibly different from my world today.  Every time I visit my hometown of Chone, located in the province of Manabi in coastal Ecuador, I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like had I never left.  Where would I be?  Who would I be?  I can only wonder.

Here are few pictures to show what my hometown of Chone is all about:

Ecuador Transportation

Local Transportation In Chone, Ecuador


Photo of the Day: Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina

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The most amazing train in the world, the one that takes you to the clouds, reaches a height of 4,200 meters in its 217 km trip. It is one of the highest railways in the world, taking its way across the high picks of the Cordillera de los Andes, surrounded by striking sceneries. The train departs from the city of Salta, passes through the Valle de Lerma, enters the Quebrada del Toro and finally reaches La Puna.

It takes its name Tren a las Nubes, from the clouds that are often seen under bridges and around slopes. – Tren a las Nubes

We did not ride the train but we did go on a wild chase to catch a glimpse of it.

northwest argentina La Polvorilla Viaduct

Tren a las Nubes or Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina on La Polvorilla Viaduct

Photo of the Day: Tuc-Tuc Motor Taxi

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We know you like beautiful scenery pictures but this week we decided to bring you pictures that show more culture of the places we have visited.

Tuc-Tuc Motor Taxi is a very popular form of transportation in small towns throughout in Latin America. This photo was taken in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Photo of the Day: Medellin Metrocable

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The Metro de Medellín is an urban train that crosses the Metropolitan Area of Medellín from North to South and from Centre to West. As one of the first experiences of modern mass transportation in Colombia, the Metro of Medellín is a product of the urban planning of the Antioquia. The city of Medellín and its urban complex (ten cities in the Aburrá Valley), is a city with relatively recent industrial development that started in the 1930’s. The streetcar (tranvía) at the beginning of the 20th Century can be considered as predecessor of the 21st century Metro of Medellín. The company known in Spanish as Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá – Metro de Medellín Ltda was created on May 31, 1979. – Wikipedia

The Metro includes several connections with Metrocable, a cable car network that enables residents to climb the valley walls outside of the city center. It’s also a fun ride for tourists, providing panoramic views of the Medellin.

Cable Cars in Colombia

Medellin Metrocable

Photo of the Day: Panoramic View of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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San Juan del Sur is a coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in south-west Nicaragua. The town is a popular tourist location because of its many nearby and spectacular beaches. San Juan del Sur is popular among surfers and is a vacation spot for many Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists, who consider it an unspoiled alternative to Costa Rica. Wikipedia

During our visit to San Juan del Sur, we took surf lessons at Casa Oro Hostel.  Transportation, two hour lessons and board rentals were $22 USD.

Beaches of San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Panaramic View of San Juan del Sur