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Photo of the Day: Elderly Woman, El Salvador

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pictures of old people

Elderly Woman Resting in the Square of Juayua, El Salvador


Photo of the Day: Marching Band in Juayua, El Salvador

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Sexy Latin Women in El Salvador

School Marching Band Competition in Juayua, El Salvador

Bands are used to celebrate throughout all of Latin America. Nearly every type of celebration whether it be religious, patriotic or otherwise incorporates marching bands with colorful costumes and loud synchronized music. The bands include people of all ages and gender. Typically, even during celebrations, the bands compete for trophies and respect.

All Mothers Are Not Created Equal

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Indigenous families in Antigua Guatemala

Street Food Vendor And Child in Antigua Guatemala

This Mother’s Day is the first I’ve spent away from my mother during twenty-eight years my of life.  I miss her very much.  On a day like today, every mother should be praised for carrying a child in their womb, providing unrelenting nurturing and for the unconditional love most mothers provide.

During my travels I have seen many mothers struggling to feed and provide for their children.  However, one particular story, which I am about to share, reminded me that being a mother is so much more than giving birth to a life.

We were enjoying yet another delicious Argentinean steak and wine meal at an outside café in central Mendoza.  Suddenly, a young boy approached our table, whom I guessed to be 5 or 6 years old.  With a soft but confident voice he asked for some of my french fries.  I immediately handed him a handful of the fries from my plate.  He grabbed the fries, put them directly into his mouth and walked away. (more…)