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Photo of the Day: Salar de Surire Chile

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Salar de Surire Natural Monument is a Chilean Natural Monument located in the Andes, in the Arica and Parinacota Region.  It consists mainly of a salt flat and a number of small salt lakes, sheltering several Andean species of wildlife and plants. Arintica volcano towers over the salt flat.

The protected area, along with Lauca National Park and Las Vicuñas National Reserve, were designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1981, which is called Lauca. – Wikipedia

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Fotos de Chile

Flamingos flying Over the Salar de Surire (Salt Flat) Natural Monument in Chile

Photo of the Day: Reserva National Las Vicuñas Chile

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Northern Chile’s Altiplano is filled with varying landscapes including snow capped volcanoes, desert mountains, small adobe villages, salt flats, flamingos, vicuñas and pre-Inca ruins.  Arica will serve as your base camp for settling into the new country and planning your exploratory 4×4 road trip.

Read about our 3-day adventure road trip.

Reserva National Las Vicuñas, is south of Parque Nacional Lauca in the southeastern most point of the Arica and Parinacota Region.  Here you will find Monumento Natural Salar de Surire, a salt flat which lies furthest from Arica.

Fotos de Chile

Reserva National Las Vicuñas in Northern Chile

Photo of the Day: Grays Peak Colorado Mountains

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Grays Peak – 14,270 feet
Often referred to as a 14er, Grays Peak is just outside Denver, Colorado and provides a great day hike for short term travelers.

Located on the Continental Divide in the Front range. Interstate 70 is only 4 miles to the north. Grays Peak is the highest peak on the Continental Divide – in the United States and is in Arapaho forest.

This hike is manageable with only boots and water during the warmer months. Many will hike up and ski down as seen in the some of the pictures. Having friends in Colorado is very important! Thanks Adam and Amy.


Grays Peak, Colorado Rocky Mountains

Photo of the Day: Autumn Foliage in New Jersey

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Cooper River Park in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a great place to experience the tree leaves changing colors in autumn. The autumn foliage is one of those great things to capture in a photograph. Fall pictures are so popular that people even travel to New England for a short photography vacation. We didn’t travel far for our fall pictures. Cooper River park is only a few miles away from my parents house in New Jersey.

Fall Pictures

Cooper River Park in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in Autumn

Photo of the Day: Iguazú Waterfalls in Argentina

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The Iguazú National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the Iguazú Department, in the north of the province of Misiones, Argentine Mesopotamia. It has an area of 550 km2 (212 sq mi). The park was created in 1934 and it contains one of the greatest natural beauties of Argentina, the Iguazu Falls, surrounded by the subtropical jungle. Across the Iguazu River lies its Brazilian counterpart (Iguaçu National Park). Both sites were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, in 1984 and 1986. – Wikipedia

Cataratas del Iguazú are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. The Iguazu River starts at the city of Curitiba and runs for the most part of the course entirely in brazilian territory, and in a little part at the end bordering Brazil and Argentina. – Wikipedia
See photos from the Brazil side.

Iguazú National Park Argentina

Iguazú National Park

Photo of the Day: Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

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As you travel from coast to coast in Costa Rica, be sure to visit the unique cloud forest region of Santa Elena and Monteverde. During our few days in the forest, we enjoyed a day tour in the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, a night tour searching for sloths and the sky walk across the many suspension bridges that offer beautiful views of the thick forest floor.

Suspension Bridge Walk Costa Rica

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Suspension Bridge Walk

Photo of the Day: Finca El Paraiso Hot Spring Waterfall

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Finca del Paraiso is a small remote park where a hot spring waterfall fills a pool of cold water. You can access the park in Guatemala by taking a 1 hour ride in a collectivo (shuttle bus) from Rio Dulce inland. It’s a wonderful day trip to explore the waterfall and nearby caves.
Watch our HD video!

Hot Spring Waterfalls

Finca del Paraiso, Guatemala