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Photo of the Day: Virgen de la Candelaria Festival Copacabana, Bolivia

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Fotos de Bolivia

Celebration of the Virgen de la Candelaria Festival & Basilica in Copacabana, Bolivia


Photo of the Day: Marching Band in Juayua, El Salvador

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Sexy Latin Women in El Salvador

School Marching Band Competition in Juayua, El Salvador

Bands are used to celebrate throughout all of Latin America. Nearly every type of celebration whether it be religious, patriotic or otherwise incorporates marching bands with colorful costumes and loud synchronized music. The bands include people of all ages and gender. Typically, even during celebrations, the bands compete for trophies and respect.

Photo of the Day: Gaucho Festival in Northwest Argentina

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Northern Argentina is the less traveled, but much to share region surrounding the province of Salta.  We explored this region by renting a vehicle for 7 days, beginning southwest to the city of Salta.  Unexpectedly, we followed a typical festival sign that had us driving off onto a dirt and gravel road for several kilometers.  We arrived to a gaucho harvest festival, where children and adults displayed traditional gaucho dancing while serving some typical pampas food.

Northwest Salta Region Argentina

Locals Dancing at the Gaucho Festival in Northwest Argentina

Photo of the Day: Inti Raymi Festival in Cusco

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Cusco Peru Parties

Inti Raymi, Festival of the Sun Festival in Cusco

See the Inti Raymi Cusco Festival Photo Essay.

Our visit to Cusco, Peru was greater than expected when we discovered that the Inti Raymi Festival was being held all week. Everyday in the street the people would practice leading up the big event on the weekend. Bands, costumes and dancing lit up the entire plaza.


Inti Raymi Festival In Cusco Peru

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Inti Raymi Festival is the largest festival in Cusco and lasts one full week.  The festival takes place during South America’s winter solstice (June 24) and it is in honor of The Sun God which the Inca’s believed to be the most important God of all.  To be specific, the Inca’s actually worshiped the sun rays not the sun itself.

Festival in Peru

Band on Plaza de Armas


Photo of the Day: Festival In Socoroma Chile

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Festival in the Tiny Village of Sorocoma in Northern Chile's Altiplano

This photo was taken during our 3-day 4×4 road trip through Northern Chile’s Altiplano.

As we drove through the northern Chile Altiplano we stumbled upon the small village of Socoroma where they were having a festival.

Guatemala Independence Day – Video Ep. 9

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Enjoy the Guatemala’s Independence Day as celebrated in Antigua, Guatemala through an HD Travel Video from 2 backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani.  In Video Episode 9, we show you the school spirit as bands from all the local schools march all over town culminating in a competition in the town plaza.  Enjoy the show! (more…)