Photo of the Day: Funny Beer Bait & Bullets Picture

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After a trip to Springfield, Illinois, my Mother brought home this funny photograph for our enjoyment.  Yup, she pulled off on the side of the road to capture this essential convenience store.   I can’t help but imagine all the evil things one can do after visiting this store.  Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this funny picture made you smile.

Funny Sign

One Stop Shopping at Beer, Bait & Bullets

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14 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Funny Beer Bait & Bullets Picture”

  1. Poi says:

    That is one hell of a dangerous mix!

  2. Nick Laborde says:

    Awesome, everything in one place for a typical saturday night.

  3. so. not. surprised. (I am currently living in the South and did during college and this is the kind of thing you see regularly here!)

  4. Abby says:

    So suburban USA. Hilarious!

  5. They probably have these all over the midwest…kind of a scary thought.

  6. cailin says:

    this is awesome and disturbing, did you attempt to buy all 3? haha

  7. Mark H says:

    Everything you need in life?

  8. ayngelinai says:

    That is hilarious.
    And sad.

  9. Adam says:


    Unfortunately this is the norm round these parts. I don’t even flinch seeing something like this.

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