Photo of the Day: El Casco Viejo in Panama City Panama

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The neighborhood of Casco Viejo is currently under revitalization. In this photos you can see the contrast between a remodeled building and an old one. The building on the left is where, according to our free public tour guide, Manuel Antonio Noriega (former general and military dictator) was caught by US troops. The entire neighborhood was full of examples of beautiful revitalized buildings next to “works in progress” buildings.

We first took a walk around the neighborhood by following a map our hostel, Luna’s Castle, provided. On the map they highlight the safe areas and the off limits areas. Just as we were finishing our walk, we were approached by a young man who said he was a student and a free tour guide provided by the municipality and offered us a free guide. After looking at his credentials we jumped on the opportunity to learn about the area. It was a whole new experience learning the history of each building instead of just walking around not know their significance. This was a great service provided by the City of Panama to it’s tourist and we encourage others to take advantage of it. We did tip our guide a few bucks for his services.

Neighborhood in Panama City Under Revitalization

Casco Viejo Neighborhood in Panama City Under Revitalization

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