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Photo of the Day: Miraflores Locks Panama Canal

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Miraflores is the name of one of the three locks that form part of the Panama Canal and the name of the small lake that separates these locks from the Pedro Miguel locks upstream. In the Miraflores locks, vessels are lifted (or lowered) in three stages totalling 8 m, allowing them to transit to or from the Pacific Ocean port of Balboa (near Panama City). Ships cross below the Puente de las Américas (Bridge of the Americas) which connects North and South America. – Wikipedia

What to do in Panama City

Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal

Photo of the Day: Gamez Islands in Panama’s Pacific Coast

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The Gulf of Chiriquí is a part of Panama that encompasses Coiba National Park and Golfo de Chiriquí National Park.  There are dozens of islands in this Gulf.  We visited Gamez Island for a day in our own personal paradise of snorkeling, climbing and swimming.

Gulf of Chiriquí National Park Tours

Gamez Island in Gulf of Chiriquí National Park, Panama

Photo of the Day: Kuna Tribe Huts on San Blas Island

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During our sailing trip from Panama to Colombia, we spent 2 days exploring the San Blas islands in Panama’s Caribbean. The indigenous Kuna tribe inhabits the islands. Amazingly, they build huts such as these on the tiniest of islands. They navigate between each island in dugout canoes.

Panama Indigenous Caribbean

A Tiny San Blas Island Covered in Kuna Tribe Huts

Photo of the Day: Sailboat In San Blas Islands

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This was one of the boats near us during our visit to the island of Chichime in San Blas Islands, Panama during our sail trip from Panama to Colombia

Sailing in Panama

Sailboat In San Blas Islands Panama

Photo of the Day: San Blas Island Porvenir

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San Blas Islands are located on the southeastern coast of Panama.  Island Porvenir is one of the most important islands in San Blas.  The only airport of San Blas is located on this island and it is where travelers need to process their exit or entrance into Panama when sailing to and from Colombia.

Sailing Caribbean Panama

San Blas Island of Porvenir

Photo of the Day: Kuna Tribe Mother and Child

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Kuna or Cuna is the name of an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia.   In the Kuna language, the name is Dule or Tule, meaning “people.”  The Kuna live in three politically autonomous comarcas or reservations in Panama, and in a few small villages in Colombia.  There are also communities of Kuna people in Panama City, Colón, and other cities.  The greatest number of Kuna people live on small islands in the comarca of Kuna Yala. – Wikipedia

We took this photo while sailing from Panama to Colombia for 4 days.  We visited several Kuna villages established on the Islands of San Blas in Panama´s Caribbean.  The Kuna often rowed from one island to the other in dugout canoes, some even with homemade sails.

Indigenous of San Blas Island

Kuna Mother and Child of San Blas Island

Photo of the Day: El Casco Viejo in Panama City Panama

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The neighborhood of Casco Viejo is currently under revitalization. In this photos you can see the contrast between a remodeled building and an old one. The building on the left is where, according to our free public tour guide, Manuel Antonio Noriega (former general and military dictator) was caught by US troops. The entire neighborhood was full of examples of beautiful revitalized buildings next to “works in progress” buildings.

We first took a walk around the neighborhood by following a map our hostel, Luna’s Castle, provided. On the map they highlight the safe areas and the off limits areas. Just as we were finishing our walk, we were approached by a young man who said he was a student and a free tour guide provided by the municipality and offered us a free guide. After looking at his credentials we jumped on the opportunity to learn about the area. It was a whole new experience learning the history of each building instead of just walking around not know their significance. This was a great service provided by the City of Panama to it’s tourist and we encourage others to take advantage of it. We did tip our guide a few bucks for his services.

Neighborhood in Panama City Under Revitalization

Casco Viejo Neighborhood in Panama City Under Revitalization

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