What Will I Miss While Traveling?

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Things We Like

Things We Like - Wawa

As we prepare for our journey, I can’t help but imagine us already there; backpacking our way from country to country and loving it all.  Time is flying by and The Day will be here sooner than we realize.  I am usually a reflective gal, but events like these (I never had an event like this) put me on maximum reflective mode.  One of the more interesting questions I think about is what will I miss the most, aside from family and friends, and what I will be glad to miss.  I thought it would be interesting to put them on paper/on-line and document it for reference when we return.

Things I will not miss

Wearing heels everyday

Those who know me know I’m not very prissy.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to look good just as much as the next girl, but heels hurt!  Women mostly wear them to impress men and they usually don’t notice our shoes anyway.

Preparing for this trip

I’m not very good at chores, Jason would say that’s an understatement, and preparing for this trip has been a big, months long chore.  I have to give Jason most of the credit; he’s taken care of all the selling, most of the web development and a good amount of the overall planning.  It will be nice to just travel.  I know there will be planning and blogging along the way, but at least we are there instead of just preparing to be there.

Daily routine

I’ve always loved and strive for spontaneity, variety and balance, but many times life will corner us into a routine: work, workout (if you’re lucky), eat, sleep, repeat.  We can’t escape it, it’s exhausting and boring.  Therefore, we backpack.

Sitting in front of a computer all day

I work with great people and I know I will miss my daily interactions with them very much, but I definitely won’t miss coming into work and sitting in front a computer all day.  I’ve always loved the outdoors and being active.  Let’s face it sitting in front a computer is just not natural for the biology of the human body.

Things I think I will miss

The data plan on my cell phone

I never call anyone, besides my mother.  I text, GChat, Facebook, Twitter, AIM, and email 95% of non face-to-face personal conversations.  Although, I know it will be nice to have more live personal interactions during our travels, I will definitely miss having my Facebook updates a click away.

Hot water

Next time you shower, set your water temperature to where it hurts and then set it a few degrees higher, this is how hot my shower water is, no matter what the season it is.  I know it’s extreme and it’s my worst energy sin.  Hopefully, (insert cringe here) my travels will help me kick the habit.

My own space

There’s really no place like one’s own bed.  The comfort of just being home, with your own stuff, your own space is peaceful, at least for me.  Although, there will be many exciting unforgettable experiences, I think I will miss the feeling of being in my own home.

New York City

Getting all dressed up for a night out in the city is always exciting.  Add great friends into the mix and it’s a guaranteed great time. I will miss the energy of the city, but look forward to discovering other places as well.

This list was compiled before we started to travel long term.  After traveling for a year, read what we actually do miss.

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Written by Aracely

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7 Responses to “What Will I Miss While Traveling?”

  1. corina says:

    we’re a few weeks ahead of you in our backpacking planning. i’ve been following a few blogs and all the couples are now on the road. its fun to remember the initial phase of are we really doing this? we’re onto the ‘we’re jobless, homeless and we still have so much to do’ phase ;p

    i also just posted about one thing that i’ll really miss :( my best friend. i think of all the comforts i will miss the most its the knowledge that my best friend is only 20 mins away when i need her.


    • Aracely says:

      Thanks Corina, we’ll be sure to follow you so we can learn from you! I hear you on really missing friends and family. At least we have technology to keep us connected. Best of luck with the rest of your planning and safe travels. :)

  2. Gadi Glogowski says:

    Hey guys just got your website from Corina’s tweeter.
    Been on the road for 5 months and the thing I miss the most is my friends and family. Also I would like to have English television to veg around all day when you are just tired of sightseeing.

  3. Aracely says:

    LOL, That’s a good one Gadi! Vegging around the TV is probably something I’ll want to do from time to time as well. Thanks. :)

  4. Allison says:

    Hey Cely – look forward to hearing about your travels. This is a-once-in-a-lifetime experience and I cant wait to live vicariously through you. Good luck and we’ll be in touch.

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