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I am a Corporate America Dropout

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Working in New York City

Aracely Working in NYC with the View

It’s Official

Yesterday, I told my boss of my plans to drop out of the rat race and go travel the world.  Okay, so those were not my exact words, the point is, my decision is final, there’s no going back.  I’m on my way to a completely different lifestyle. (more…)

What Will I Miss While Traveling?

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Things We Like

Things We Like - Wawa

As we prepare for our journey, I can’t help but imagine us already there; backpacking our way from country to country and loving it all.  Time is flying by and The Day will be here sooner than we realize.  I am usually a reflective gal, but events like these (I never had an event like this) put me on maximum reflective mode.  One of the more interesting questions I think about is what will I miss the most, aside from family and friends, and what I will be glad to miss.  I thought it would be interesting to put them on paper/on-line and document it for reference when we return. (more…)

Are We Really Doing This?

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Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding in New York

How many times have you had conversations about doing something crazy, adventurous, new, exciting, or different?  How often do you actually follow through, satisfy that urge or as they say, ‘scratch the itch’?  How often do you instead, forget that conversation and just carry on with daily life? What if one day, after one of those conversations, you decide to actually do what you said you would someday love to do?  Now, you have to face your family, friends, and co-workers with your decision.  Now, you actually have to plan your great idea. Imagine that. (more…)