Photo Of The Day: Bluebonnet Flower Bush In Peru

| Taken by Aracely | 2 Comments » | Photo of the Day

This flower has a very interesting shape and great color. We found this during our Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru. Scroll down for an alternative view.

Texas Flower

Bluebonnet Bush Flower Close Up

Here’s what the entire bush looks like.

Texas Flower

Bluebonnet Flower

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2 Responses to “Photo Of The Day: Bluebonnet Flower Bush In Peru”

  1. rose says:

    It’s a bluebonnet – from the genus lupinus. There are many kinds. The ones at Big Bend are really big. The grow wild all over the Hill Country in Texas which is why it is our State Flower. I didn’t know they were in South America, too. That’s kinda cool.

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