Photo of the Day: Meal On The Beach

| Taken by Aracely on May 8th, 2024 | 1 Comment »| Click to see all Photo of the Day

During our visit to Playa Blanca, Colombia we enjoyed a great meal that included Trucha (Trout), Coconut Rice, and Platanos (plantains.) This is a very typical dish in the Caribbean Coast.

Typcial dish, food

Our Delicious Meal on Playa Blanca, Colombia

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One Response to “Photo of the Day: Meal On The Beach”

  1. Terri says:

    Excellent photo. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about plantains, I wish I could find a local store that sold them. I guess they’re just not that popular up here in Canada. I’ll just have to indulge next time I head south.

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