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Photo of the Day: Nature in Torres del Paine Patagonia

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Torres del Paine National Park (Parque Nacional Torres del Paine) is a national park encompassing a mountains, glacier, lake, and river-rich areas in southern Chilean Patagonia.   The national park (598.593,02 acres) is a popular hiking destination in Chile.  There are clearly marked paths and many refugios which provide shelter and basic services.  Views are breathtaking. Hikers can opt for a day trip to see the towers, walk the popular “W” route in about five days, or trek the full circle in 8–9 days.  It is a national park and thus hikers are not allowed to stray from the paths.  Camping is only allowed at specified campsites and wood fires are prohibited throughout the park. – Wikipedia

Hikes in Patagonia

Torres Del Paine, Chile Circuit Trek

Photo of the Day: Valle de Frances Patagonia

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During our Full Circuit Trek at Torres del Paine Patagonia we hiked to the top of Valle de Frances. Valle de Frances is the middle leg of what forms the “W.” If you can endure it, there is a hidden trail that continues to lead up the mountain past the spot where most hikers have lunch. The hike is a bit dangerous especially when the surface of the rocks freezes but the views are just stunning.

Views of Patagonia Mountains

Jason Having Lunch At Valle de Frances Patagonia

Photo of the Day: Foxglove Flower In Chile

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We know we have given you this photo on our Travel Photo of the Day series before, but it is my personal favorite flower picture and I just had to included it in our flower and plant week.

Foxgloves are also called Witches’ Gloves, Dead Men’s Bells, Fairy’s Glove, Gloves of Our Lady, Bloody Fingers, Virgin’s Glove, Fairy Caps, Folk’s Glove, and Fairy Thimbles.  These are biennial plants and are tall, slender perennials at 2-5′ in height and just 1-2′ wide.  It is a very statuesque plant.  It has numerous tubular flowers blooming on a spike, ranging in color from purple to white.  Foxglove flowers appear in the summer months.  The flowers are bell-shaped and tubular, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches long, flattened above, inflated beneath, crimson outside above and paler beneath, the lower lip furnished with long hairs inside and marked with numerous dark crimson spots, each surrounded with a white border.  ~

Purple Bell Flower

Foxglove Flower in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia Chile

Photo of the Day: Massive Sliding Ice In Patagonia

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We walked by this massive body of ice just before going over the John Garner Pass in Torres del Paine Chile, which is the most feared section of the full circuit trek.  It looked as though it was going to fall on top of us.

Torres Del Paine Chile

Massive Sliding Ice

Photo of the Day: Sun Rising on Torres Del Paine

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On day nine of our trek we hiked to Las Torres look out point in the dark to wait for the sun to rise and light up the towers. It was the perfect ending to our visit to Torres Del Paine National Park.

Torres Del Paine

Sun Rising Torres Del Paine

Photo of the Day: Most Beautiful Sunrise at Torres del Paine

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The last day of our trek we hiked from Campamento Torres up to the Torres Lookout Point in the darkness to watch the sun come up and illuminate the towers. We were rewarded with the most beautiful sunrise we have every seen. It even beat any sunset we have ever seen. The colors were amazing it was surreal. It was the perfect ending to our nine day adventure at Torres del Paine National Park.

Sunrise At Torres del Paine

Sunsrise at Torres del Paine Lookout Point

Photo of the Day: Hiking Trail

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We were very lucky to have had great weather for seven out of the nine days during our trek. This photo was taken on our trail to Campamento Chileno. The views were amazing every day which made the strenuous hiking slightly more bearable.

Hikers at Torres del Paine, Hiking torres del paine

Jason and other hikers on the trail to Campamento Chileno

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