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Photo of the Day: 12-Sided Inca Stone

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Peru, more specifically Cusco (Cuzco) Peru is most famous for it’s connection to the great Inca empire. Today, the city still stands atop an ancient stone work built by the Incas. A great example of their craftsmanship can be found within Cusco city. This stone is referred to as the 12-sided Inca stone. The Incas used several styles of stone work, this one emphasizes the carving of a rock to fit amongst other rocks perfectly without using mortar. The perfect alignment of the rocks is some of the most impressive stone work we have ever seen.

Turismo de Peru

12-Sided Inca Stone in Cusco Peru

Photo of the Day: Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu is one of the greatest sites to visit in all of South America.  The awesomeness of the Inca ruin can only be understood when you are actually there walking through the ancient city.  It’s a very difficult place to take great photos, often cloudy, raining and swarming with tourists.   A patient photographer would probably visit for several days trying to get the perfect picture, but the entrance fee was too steep for us.

Inca Ruins

Machu Picchu

Photo of the Day: Ancient Ruins at Isla del Sol, Bolivia

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Isla del Sol is an island in the southern part of Lake Titicaca and belongs to Bolivia.  Geographically, the terrain is harsh; it is a rocky, hilly island without any motor vehicles or paved roads on the island.  There are over 80 ruins on the island.  This particular site is on the Northern part of the island and it is where “priests” (wise men who studied the land and skies) would come to purify their soul through meditation.

ruins in bolivia, lake titicaca

Ruins at Isla del Sold, Bolivia

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