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Lost in Laguna de Alegria El Salvador – Video Ep. 13

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El Salvador continued to surprise us. Not with the big cities, which we weren’t impressed by, but rather the wonderful towns and villages we encountered. Between the “Food Festivals of Juayúa and the colorful flowers of Alegría, we had come to realize, El Salvador was best explored outside the big cities. In this suspenseful travel video 2 Backpackers test their patience when things go wrong. At one point, we walked with rocks in our hands unsure of our surroundings. Enjoy the show! (more…)

Central America Chicken Buses – Short Clip 1

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Culture and art is best represented in Central America by the old American school buses that have customized and painted in glaring colors. The art on these buses is taken seriously and those details are captured well in this short Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of Enjoy the show! (more…)

Juayua Food Festival El Salvador – Video Ep. 12

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We had just recently finished our 7 Waterfalls Tour in Juayúa and couldn’t believe there was even more to enjoy in this small town surrounded by coffee plantations. Each weekend Juayúa celebrates with a large food festival centered in the town’s plaza, but extending to many of the side streets. 2 Backpackers indulge in delicious chorizo and tortillas, while searching for the elusive taste of armadillo. Enjoy the show! (more…)

7 Waterfalls Tour El Salvador – Video Ep. 11

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When we decided to begin our journey in Central America, El Salvador was the country we decided to avoid. The decision was not based on any specific reason, we simply preferred a more direct route south and planned to travel from Guatemala to Honduras to Nicaragua and onwards. However, with Honduras’ political instability, which was causing some border issues, we decided to take a detour through El Salvador instead. (more…)

Photo of the Day: Elderly Woman, El Salvador

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pictures of old people

Elderly Woman Resting in the Square of Juayua, El Salvador


Photo of the Day: Marching Band in Juayua, El Salvador

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Sexy Latin Women in El Salvador

School Marching Band Competition in Juayua, El Salvador

Bands are used to celebrate throughout all of Latin America. Nearly every type of celebration whether it be religious, patriotic or otherwise incorporates marching bands with colorful costumes and loud synchronized music. The bands include people of all ages and gender. Typically, even during celebrations, the bands compete for trophies and respect.

Photo Of The Day: Giant Maguey Plant With A View

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During our hike to the summit of volcano Santa Ana in El Salvador the vegetation changed drastically as we made our way up.  Jason captures this beautiful giant Maguey plant with the surrounding views.

Exotic Plant

Giant Maguey Plant With A Great View During Our Trek To Volcano Santa Ana In El Salvador