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Photo of the Day: Salar de Surire Chile

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Salar de Surire Natural Monument is a Chilean Natural Monument located in the Andes, in the Arica and Parinacota Region.  It consists mainly of a salt flat and a number of small salt lakes, sheltering several Andean species of wildlife and plants. Arintica volcano towers over the salt flat.

The protected area, along with Lauca National Park and Las Vicuñas National Reserve, were designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1981, which is called Lauca. – Wikipedia

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Fotos de Chile

Flamingos flying Over the Salar de Surire (Salt Flat) Natural Monument in Chile

Photo of the Day: Flamingos in Bolivia Altiplano

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Our 4-Day Tupiza to Uyuni tour in Bolivia, South America was filled with unique landscapes. We captured snow capped mountains, surreal deserts, eroded mountain ranges, glowing lakes and most importantly the largest Salt Flats in the world, Salar de Uyuni.

This picture is from day 3 of our tour which revealed hundreds of flamingos. Unfortunately we had a very thick overcast the first half of the day, which made the flamingos not so pink.

Salar de

Flamingos in the Bolivia Altiplano

Amazing Short Video Clips Vol 2

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Travel Videos

From the travel backpacking video video vault, Two Backpackers share some exciting short video clips with you. These travel videos were shared the week of September 26th, 2024 on our Facebook Fan Page.

Enjoy time travel as a Kuna tribal sailboat passes in front of a modern sailboat. Jason finds the best view in Medellin, Colombia by paragliding over the city’s valley. While hiking near Salento, Colombia, we get up close with a feeding Hummingbird. We stumbled upon a Gaucho Harvest Festival in northern Argentina during our 7-day road trip around the Salta Province. Activity heats up on erupting volcano Tungurahua in Ecuador. From Bolivia, Jason shares his emotions in the Cerro Rico Mine of Potosi. Enjoy our backpacking video clips!


Photo of the Day: Magellanic Penguin On Peninsula Valdez

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Magellanic penguins dot the Argentina Patagonia landscape along the coast. Peninsula Valdez offers a myriad of sea life viewing opportunities including sea lions, elephant seals, penguins and if you are lucky, killer whales (orcas). As we drove our rented vehicle down the east coast of the peninsula from Punta Norte, we pulled off the side of the road at a penguin mirador (lookout). Signs detailed the penguins migrating and eating behaviors and also explained why they were currently shedding their fur.

Penguins in Patagonia

Magellanic Penguin On Peninsula Valdez in Argentina

Photo of the Day: A Parrot On A Fence in Cafayate

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While driving through the wineries in Cafayate, Argentina parrots, or possibly parakeets, swarmed the pampas.  The plains seem to be the perfect nesting grounds for these loud groups of quick moving birds.  When they fly through the sky, turquoise colored wings glow against their bright green bodies.  This particular bird stood still long enough for us to capture a beautiful landscape with it as the star.

Parrot from Argentina

A Parrot Sits on a Fence Post at a Winery in Cafayate

Photo of the Day: Pink Flamingos in Patagonia Argentina

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On the bus ride from Calafate, Argentina to the Perito Moreno Glacier, our driver pulled over just outside Calafate so we could take some pictures of the beautiful pink flamingos in a lake. Flamingos can be be found throughout much of South America and it’s best to have a telephoto lens when trying to capture them up close.

Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos On A Lake In Patagonia, Argentina