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Decision To Travel

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Hoboken St. Patrick's Day

Hoboken St. Patrick

Aracely and I have always preferred living in urban areas or cities.  The city offers easily accessible grocery stores, restaurants, bars, parks, museums, the arts and public transportation all within walking distance.  These are the things we enjoy and where we have spent our money over the last 3 years.  We have sacrificed the size of our home, the quality of furniture and the excitement of a cool car.  My 2024 4-door Sebring has 145,000 miles and is a little banged up; however it’s paid off and I no longer have to worry about bumper damage while parallel parking in Hoboken.  The furniture we owned, prior to the moving sale, was cheap and served its purpose well.  Our bed consisted of a mattress on the floor in a Hoboken, New Jersey 1-bedroom apartment.  These are sacrifices Aracely and I have accepted and are very content living with.


My Typical Vacation

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Vacation with My Family

Vacation with My Family

We have been enjoying ourselves while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my family for the past 4 days.  It’s early Thursday morning and we are now boarding a flight to Miami, Florida to visit with Aracely’s family.  I still feel full and slightly ill from overeating and we are both confident we gained few pounds. Our decision to leave for Guatemala on August 27th, 2024 was based primarily around vacations we already had planned with family.  We had originally struggled deciding on a departure date.  The three scenarios we created were as follows:

• Leave immediately (May), before we consider changing our minds

• Leave late August, after the booked vacations with family

•Leave towards the end of the year (2009) in an effort to accumulate more savings

After a month of debating we agreed on the second choice.  (more…)